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"As a friend and designer, I personally endorse Albert OH and all his creative abilities. He truly represents continental cool and lives and breathes rock and roll. His original thinking, resourcefulness, and compassion helped make the Count’s Kustoms brand the way it is today."

~ Danny “The Count” Koker of Count's Kustoms Las Vegas




"It's about creating culture more than anything else." ~Albert OH

Hailing from the electrifying city of Madrid, Spain, Albert "OH" Ochosa a.k.a. Mr. Nice Guy is a hands-on Graphic Designer, Musician and Philanthropist - with over 10 years within the music, tech, nightlife and high-end consumer branding industry.

Albert was born in Oxnard, California to a Naval Officer father and Boeing Analyst mother. He spent much of his childhood traveling all over asia until his family finally settled in Renton, Washington. Music became a passion early in his life, having been trained as a pianist and performing percussionist. "I credit my twin sisters for introducing me to 'New Wave' in the early 80s, as much of my early fandom was in heavy metal because of my rocker older brother."

It wasn't until 1989, when Albert's parents sent him on a European student exchange program, that he was brought closer to the music that has been part of the soundtrack to his life. Through the advice of his friend Matt, a day before embarking on his trip, he chronicled the entire journey in a diary. He traveled and lived in Madrid, London, and West and the dissolving East Berlin. Albert would later confess to his parents that this was his musical pilgrimage and awakening phase, having experienced the important music scenes and landmarks in those countries. "I saw The Sugarcubes perform at a club in Madrid called Jacara near the school I was attending. I guess you could say Bjork was my first female lead crush." ~ remembers Albert.

Albert earned his B.A. from the University of Washington in 1995. After working several years in law firm IT, he was captivated for the first time in 1996 by the new multimedia capabilities on the burgeoning internet - hence beginning his journey into the design world. After work, he attended the new multimedia courses at The Art Institute of Seattle with a voracious appetite. Almost overnight, he went from a bookish profession of building networks to designing websites and logos to whoever wanted one.

After hearing word of the many multimedia opportunities in San Francisco in 2000, Albert moved to the city by the bay and went to work for several ad agencies and an audio software company. In 2002, Albert co-founded Rising Sun Media LLC, at the time developing new technology for law firm digital evidence display. In 2003, the San Francisco Legal Marketing Association and the Alameda State Bar Association awarded his company the Legal Marketing Day Award for Best Campaign. Over the years, his graphic design work has taken him everywhere from St. Moritz, Switzerland to Singapore. All his collective interests finally came together in the form of a client, custom chopper shop Count's Kustoms in 2003. Here, Albert was able to let out his rock side and combine music, fashion and lifestyle to this brand.

It was the Danny "Count" Koker of Count's Kustoms who recommended Albert to the Hard Rock Hotel in 2005. Since then, he became fully immersed into the Hard Rock's world - reimagining things from The Joint logo to rendering collectible concert posters.

Influenced by his mother, Albert is active in various philanthropic activities. In 2009, Albert traveled the world to collect rock and roll memorabilia direct from acts such as Depeche Mode, Skinny Puppy and Steve Vai and organized a silent auction in Seattle called "Oh's Industrial Strength Rock N Roll Cancer Auction for Richard Cranor". The event helped raise money to pay for his good friend's cancer treatments (read archive press release). In 2010, he designed the logo for Let the Kids Rock, a charity that restores musical instruments for Nevada schools, which aired on MTV's Real World Las Vegas on episode 13.

To this day he continues to work with his passion for design and music for clients worldwide, as well as consulting for famous celebrities in their branding. When Albert isn't behind his computer, he is behind the synthesizer as a composer and performer for three up and coming gothic/industrial acts such as Avila, Anguisette and Elektronika.




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